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Fish – The Healthiest Main Course

August 18th, 2021

Everybody wants to lose weight. Nowadays, you cannot rely on the assumption that simply watching the amounts you eat will help you meets your weight loss goals. Hidden fats can be found in many of the healthy foods we are told are beneficial.

An example of this is that health researchers have always counted fish as the healthiest main course. It is extremely healthy in that it provides omega-3 fatty acids, which help in cancer, depression and heart issues.

Using this logic, one would assume that eating sushi is the healthiest meal. It can be deceiving as the fish in sushi often is covered in cream cheese or unhealthy sauces.

Some sushi rolls have fish that is no longer as healthful as it has been fried or battered in carbohydrates. As sushi is not always the most helpful, sashimi or less fancy sushi could be.

When people are looking for a healthy snack, it is often that they reach for dried fruit. The logic here is solid except for the fact that dried fruit is more dense than fresh therefore it has more calories. Calories are added by some brands also because sugar additives are included. Fresh fruit is always the better idea.

Granola is another of these deceptive snacks that pack calories where it should not. Granola in itself is very healthy. Many companies, as with the dried fruit, add sugar. If at all possible, it is best to make your own. Use oatmeal, fruit and a small amount of honey.

One of the trickiest lunchtime items that pack in loads of hidden fats is the veggie burger.

Without the added unhealthy items of fat and cholesterol, veggie burgers still add in cheese and sauces that are used to bind the burger together. The healthiness of not eating meats is undermined by the added calories.